perjantai 7. tammikuuta 2011

Kaivausraportti/Site raport

Kaivausraportti on nyt tullut, mutta siihen ei ole sisällytetty hiiliajoituksen tuloksia, sillä niitä ei ole vielä saatu.

The site raport is ready now, but unfortunately, it is currently only in Finnish and the carbon dating results are still unknown.

Day 10

Only on the very last day were the findings of the site explained. The small amounts of quartz flakes, coal and rocks strewn about suggest that the site was a temporary camping site meant for preparing food. The style of the fire place was a earth oven used to make rosvopaisti or robber's roast, as it is called. It is more than likely that the food was eaten somewhere else since there were so little bones.

Here you can see how the rocks of the fire place after
a plow had been used there when the site was a field.
When the carbon dating has been done on the coal samples, it'll be known was the site active the same time as the other sites around the area.